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Summer Routine v4

Week 4 Routine Reflection: Variety is the Spice of Life

I decided to go in a different direction with my routine this week after three weeks of very regimented practice sessions. Bill Lucas, Professor of Jazz Trumpet at the University of Michigan, once asked me if I ever sat in a practice room with no music and just played music.¬†While this concept seemed a little […]

Summer Routine v3

Week 3 Routine Reflection: Bodybuilding

In the world of bodybuilding, there are (generally) two main workout regimes that lifters like to follow. Firstly, the full body approach forces lifters to work most (if not all) of their body parts every day. This approach generally allows for more calorie burn and fat loss, and a more balanced body because all muscles […]

Summer Routine v2

Week 2 Routine Reflection: Pushing The Limit

You’re back! If you returned, you’re either bored or you read something last week that you found useful. Regardless, thanks for reading again! This week, I made a point of including some exercises that I’ve been wanting to include in my routine for a while; namely the slew of incredible exercises that Chris Olka (Principal […]

Summer Routine

Week 1 Routine Reflection: Getting My Feet Wet

Hello! After spending a few weeks on the road performing with a couple summer music festivals, I’ve decided to experiment with a number of different daily routines and see what works best for me, and post my thoughts here. Regardless of your opinions regarding regimented daily routines, I think most musicians can agree that routines […]